Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Every Easter the kites come out. Made of plastic and sticks found in ditches and gutters or, if lucky, bought from a roadside seller, kids of all ages fly them from rooftops waging war with other kite flyers and powerlines.


ohenry said...

great pics- I've been in PAP at Easter- the kites are surreal in the midst of it all...this is the first time I've seen your site- I'm looking forward to following-
Thanks for the most real depiction of life there I have ever read online. You need to travel to the Gran Bois region near the Dominican Border- beautiful, serene- although still impoverished. Still untouched by the craziness of city life. stars that could sit on your hand, they're so close. People who are creating small organizations within their communities because they still have hope. You need a break from PAP- one can only do that for so many days running.
PS- great sense of humor-sarcasm and slightly sicko- good combo if you're going to live there for any length of time.... you have to laugh or you would always be crying.........

Coolrepublica said...

I was born in Haiti. There are only a few things about Haiti that I miss and the kites are one of them. Seeing hundreds of Kite in the sky was always mesmerizing to me as a child. Now my daughter wants to make a kite and I have been looking to teach her(if I can) how to make kites the Haitian way.

Matt said...

rad pics!

Marcel said...

Logan, I need to speak with you about your kite photos. Please contact me at 301-637-4934, or at

Thank you.

info said...

Hello Logan, it is urgent that I speak with you regarding your kite photos. Please call me as soon as you can at 301-637-4934, or send me an email at Thank you. Marcel Wah.

Glory said...

May I use some of your pictures in my blog. I will give you credits. I am doing a proyect in Haiti with art.. and I love your kites pics....
All the best!
Big sun from Puerto Rico!

This is my blog:

Stacy said...

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Ariell said...

I am interested in using one of your photos of a Haitian boy flying a kite for an educational resource produced by World Relief, an international aid and development organization. The photo would appear in a PowerPoint presentation that will be made available on our website ( for U.S. churches to use as a tool for teaching about Haiti in children’s Sunday school classes. The PowerPoint will be available online for downloading and use in churches for educational purposes.
Please let me know about rights to use this photo! You can contact me at or 443-451-1900 (ext.134).
Thank you!
Ariell Watson

Halley said...

Hi Logan,

I wanted to follow up on Ariell's request to seek your permission for World Relief touse one of your Haiti kite photos in a power point presentation to educate children on Haiti.

Our interest in a kite photo is because the children's Sunday school lesson would include a kite-making activity, in follow up to the final ppt slide that conveys that children are still being children, even after the earthquake, and that hope soars above despair.

I would be happy to send you a copy of this last slide to show how the photo would be used.

Please let me know if this is agreeable.

Thank you,
Halley Greene (

Nina said...

Dear Logan, I'm wondering if you would allow me to use one or two of your pictures with kites in my own album to share with my family and friends, which will be credited to you. Thanks!